by Adam Mills

Are you looking at Selling? Do you want to maximise your return on investment? Here are some tips how you can get the most out of your home sale and sell in record time!
Ask the Expert:
Contact a trusted real estate professional to answer some key questions so you can accurately plan what actions you should take to maximise your re-sale.
Key Questions…
1. What are homes like mine listing for in today’s market (your competition)?
2. What upgrades do the competitors have over my home?
3. What have homes like mine sold for over the past 6 months?
4. What upgrades did the sold homes have over mine?
General Tips:
Here are some general items that apply in almost all homes.
Front Entrance Facelift…
• Make your entryway as light and bright as possible (no dark paint or furniture).
• Replace old and rundown mats/runners
• Keep front-hall closets and shoe racks neat and tidy.
Kitchen Facelift…
• Clean and de-clutter anything taking up counter, floor space, and cabinet/pantry space.
• If your cupboard knobs are old or out-of-date, replace them.
• No backsplash or one that’s out of date? Get a current one installed.
• Stainless steel appliances are a MUST for Buyers, so buy matching used ones.
Bedroom Facelift:
• Fix squeaking doors and replace brass door handles/hinges.
• The focal point in your bedroom is your bed (make it look cozy with nice blankets/pillows).
• Make the closet appear roomier (thin out clothes, nothing on the floor).
• Install soft white light bulbs as they give off warm light.
• Get rid of any mildew/mold (re-caulk showers and baths).
• Clean windows, light fixtures, fan grates and mirrors.
• Get a new set of high-quality, neutral, fluffy towels and display them.
• Replace old light switches and plugs with decora style ones.
• Replace old brass light fixtures with modern, inexpensive ones.
• Curb appeal is a Buyers first impression so make it memorable.
• Old furnace or AC? Replacing them has a strong payback in Ottawa’s market.

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