Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers people while travelling in Canada or to other countries. Coverage can include emergency medical care, trip cancellation and trip interruption, baggage loss and theft, and much more. Our government health care plan or credit card insurance coverage may not always provide any or enough coverage to compensate your loss in case something arises during your travels.

By covering medical emergencies while you are travelling, this insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if ever your health is in jeopardy or you get into an accident, travel insurance is there to help. See the coverage and pricing for yourself, through SecuriGlobe, one of the leading travel insurance companies in Canada.*

*SecuriGlobe is a distribution broker for travel insurance and Rhodes & Williams does not have ownership or affiliation with them. Rhodes & Williams do not sell, service or administration the travel insurance policy in any capacity. We are a source of referrals only.

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